End the Cycle of Attrition

Merchants switch providers the second a lower price comes along, because they only see payment solutions as a way to process transactions. With myOmny™ you’ll be more valuable to your merchants across all aspects of their operation – from business insights to customer engagement.

Keep merchants around longer.

Keep merchants around longer.

More than just another payment solution, myOmny Insights helps you become a valuable part of your merchants' revenue–driving marketing efforts. The deeper connection you’ll develop will lead to less attrition — and increased recurring revenue.

  • Empower merchants to create customer loyalty programs to connect with and increase the average value of their customers.

  • Provide your merchant with real-time Sales and Business information with myOmny Insights. On the road or in the store, merchants can view business insight anytime and everywhere they want it.

  • Give merchants unprecedented visibility into who is buying what, and where by integrating all product and customer data across all channels.

  • Save merchants thousands of dollars a year by eliminating the hours spent entering sales transactions into their accounting package.

Keep the revenue coming with a future-proof mPOS solution.

Before you sell another EMV-compliant payment processing deal for a one-time revenue bump, consider the fact that myOmny is capable of significantly increasing the recurring revenue from every merchant — and lengthen their average life cycle.

Start small and add on.

Each time a merchant adds new functionality, it’ll generate incremental revenue for you and decrease the possibility that they will switch providers.

Forget complicated app stores.

All the features your merchants need are in one place - easy to access, easy to configure and all integrated with each other.

Get merchants up and running in minutes.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting to ensure a seamless experience for you and your merchants.

As easy to sell as it is to use.

As easy to sell as it is to use.

Now that you know all myOmny can do for merchants, let’s talk about you. For starters, we’ll set your sales team up for success with our Sales Playbook – a video based sales toolkit that minimizes sales training and takes all the guesswork out of getting the right message to the right merchant at the right time.

Once you have their attention, we’ll help you every step of the way with:

An easy-to-use portal that makes new merchant registration a breeze.

A flexible pricing model that you control.

The potential to open additional merchant segments for sales.